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Metal Cutting

To meet the Expanding Global Supply Market Requirements, Muratec has been a global leader in supply of Turning Machines with advanced Automation solutions. It is fully prepared to provide the most appropriate level of Automation solution to meet the growing demand in India for Medium to High Volume Global supply market combined with High-Precision Standards. It also caters to the rapidity increasing volume requirements of the domestic Indian Automobile industry.

Muratec’s Turnkey Automated Turning Solutions

Total Solution is Basic Turning Machine PLUS Peripherals & Options to Achieve Full Automation for Unmanned Operations on 24×7 Basis Standardized & Customized unit to JUST-FIT Your Productivity Needs.

Sheet Metal

Punching, forming, deburing, marking, can be performed with a single machine using our Turret Punch Press Machines.

Bellow application sheet metal items can be efficiently processed with our machines.

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