CAMPATH G4/G4Advanced Software

MURATEC has designed a new generation CAD/CAM system for high-quality NC programs, which can
be produced without the need of any specialised machine training or programming knowledge.


The harmony of Auto CAD generally used in the world and CAMPATH of sheet metal CAD system
enables you to get functions of high quality and an outstanding operational interface.

Parts data created in CAD/CAM menu is a common
data used for both Hand-Nesting and Auto Nesting.


CAMPATH generates the best tool layout, processing
sequence, grid layouts, common edge cutting and
proper repositioning automatically. Since we Muratec
are specialists of the machines, the executable NC
programs can be created with ease.

CAM: Hand Nesting

Auto Part Arrangements

NC Simulation

The punching path of NC data created by CAM can be simulated, and the sequence can be displayed and viewed and nesting parts can be edited in the Punching simulation menu.

Parts Management

The saved parts data can be searched using the preview window and various sorting function. It’s
convenient for you to execute the CAD/CAM or Hand-Nesting menu and retrieve the parts data
immediately from part management menu

MEIBAN team of experienced software application specialists are on hand to ensure that you get the very best support from your MURATEC machinery and software solution.

Monitor i Software

The software system monitors the equipment state and the power consumption. The information can be obtained remotely from a PC connected to the systems network. The software provides data that can be used to improve productivity as well as cost analysis.

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