MATE Tooling from USA

MATE Tooling

Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd has tied up with Mate Precision Tooling USA to sell Turret Punch Press tooling in South India.

MATE Tooling from USAFounded in 1962, Mate has grown into a world-class manufacturer of superior products and solutions for sheet metal fabricators. Mate manufacture tooling for every major CNC punch press.

Mate offers the most comprehensive range of tooling for every major CNC punch press: Muratec Wiedemann, Amada Thick Turret, LVD Thin Turret, Trumpf Style and Salvagnini.

MATE Tooling from USA

Mate Tooling -Tool Style

Murata Wiedemann

Mate offers a comprehensive range of tooling for Murata Wiedemann punch presses, from high performance Marathon Plus™ to the economical 114/112 style

Thick/Thin Turret

Mate offers the most comprehensive range of Thick/Thin Turret tooling for AMADA / LVD : High Performance Ultra TEC®, convenient Ultra XT™ and the economical Original Style.

Trumpf Style

From our high performance NEXT™ insert tooling system, the convenience of Mate QuickLock™ or the economy of Mate Trumpf Style.


Mate’s high speed steel punches, dies and strippers complement Salvagnini’s high performance punching system like no other. Mate’s complete range.

Mate Tooling Styles


ValuGrind™ Tool Grinding System

Mate’s ValuGrind™ Tool Grinding System regrinds punches and dies to maintain optimum condition for the highest quality punch press fabrication.

ValuGrind accommodates both Thick Turret, Trumpf Style Size 1 and 2, Murata Wiedemann and Thin Turret tooling. Customized to your requirements, you select the model based on fixture style and electrical wiring needs.


  • Affordable
  • Compact overall size
  • 32.28(820.0) Length
  • 20.47(520.0) Width
  • 26.57(675.0) Height
  • Superior finish of ground surfaces
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Low maintenance and low operation costs
  • Easy tool set up
  • Easy installation
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