New Muratec NC Functions

New Muratec NC Functions

Compatible Models:
M3048TG, M2548TS, M2558TS,M2048TS, M2048TE, M2044TC

New Muratec NC Functions

NC Controller for M2044TCNew NC of Muratec, equipped as standard functions to improve the rate of operation of the machine. Compatible models: M2048TS, M2048TE, M3048TG ,M2044TC

Scheduling Function

Scheduling FunctionScheduled job production guides the operator on a standalone machine and controls automatic operation using a loader system. Program NC and scheduling data is automatically downloaded to the machine. Required tooling, material and work holder setup information is also displayed.

Processing Simulation Function

Processing Simulation FunctionThe current processing position during machine operation is displayed in red. This allows recognition at a glance of the punching sequence and production progress.

Expanded Processing Condition List

Expanded Processing Condition ListThe processing modes of 1000 tool types with 5 pattern setups can be registered for 30 material types and thicknesses. This allows for setting the detailed processing conditions of all the customer’s tooling.

Tool Management

Tool ManagementA library of all the machine tooling is maintained on the control. The hit counts for all tools and dies are then tracked to allow scheduled maintenance when the hit counts exceed the predetermined maximum count.

Machine Control Functions

Machine Control FunctionsVarious utilities are available to the operator. Optional log files can be generated for machine operation and program start/finish times. Also machine alarm history.

Turret Monitor Function

Turret Monitor FunctionDisplays information on current tooling set in the turret. This allows tooling in scheduled jobs to be analyzed and it automatically determines when tool changes are required.

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