MOTORUM Series -M2044TC

MOTORUM Series -M2044TC

MOTORUM Series - M2044TC

Environment Friendly Design

MURATEC for the first time in punch press history, introduced in 1994, a new concept in ram drive technology, which incorporated a toggle mechanism driven by an AC servo motor. Hydraulic oil-less sheet metal processing enables ecological machine operations saving environmental natural resources.

Punch-in, Pull-Out Type Wiedemann Tooling

Punch-in, Pull-Out Type Wiedemann ToolingThe positive Punch-in and Pull-out design of the ram, which is mechanically linked to the punch holder during the punching cycle, guarantees positive punching. This design has already been field proven for its high strength, precision and simplicity of tooling. By combining this feature with the newly innovated servo motor driven ram, the reliability of the Machine has been greatly enhanced.

Simple New Drive Ram Mechanism

Simple New Drive Ram MechanismMuratec electric servo driven punch press has been evolving continuously! The newly engineered ram drive of M2044TC has become simpler and more rigid. With the elimination of the Cam Drive Cylinder, the servo motor can control the ram stroke directly, resulting in higher punch speeds and productivity. The reduction of the number of components has maximized stability during operations, decreasing maintenance and increasing longevity. The new drive has a more efficient motor that runs cooler and requires less energy.

Energy-Efficient Operation, Low Running Cost

  • In the M2044TC, the ram servo motor consumes power only during the punching process, thus reducing running costs drastically.
  • The absence of a hydraulic unit on the M2044TC gets rid off hydraulic unit and oil maintenance, disposal of waste oil, and periodic oil replacement. This saves on hydraulic oil and maintenance costs, thus reducing running costs.

Easy To Operate

  • User-friendly, simple machine operation
  • The M2044TC does not require machine warming-up cycle, thus enabling quick machine start.

Operator Friendly

  • Scheduling Function
  • Expanded Processing Condition List
  • Processing Simulation Function
  • Tool Management
  • Machine Control Functions
  • Turret Monitor Function
Basic Machine Specifications
Punching capacity
200 kN 20.4 Metric Tons
Maximum sheet thickness
6.35 mm
Maximum sheet size without repositioning (Y x X)
1250 x 1250 mm
No. of Turret Stations
22, 18
Hit rate( 1.0t,25 mm pitch,16.5 mm stroke )
220 hpm
Hit rate( 1.0t,1 mm pitch,16.5 mm stroke )
600 hpm
Punching accuracy
+/- 0.1 mm

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