Mechanical CNC Turret Punch Press -Magnum Series -M5000

Mechanical CNC Turret Punch Press- M5000

The M5000 is the symbol of MURATEC’s pioneering and long established technological excellence with a high reliability in CNC turret punch press design and manufacturing. The M5000 is a heavy-duty mechanical CNC turret punch press with 45 tons punching force. High rigidity and precision of the machine are fully complemented by the proven Wiedemann style tooling, three-box construction frame, separated table and frame design for heavy-duty punching. The M5000 can process 10 mm thick, 5′ x 10′ worksheets with one repositioning.

A Variety of Functions to Suit your Requirements

  • Conversational operation system
  • Automatic repositioning
  • Tapping device (Option)


  • Positive Punch-In Pull-Out ram design
  • Low noise clutch brake
Mechanical CNC Turret Punch Press- M5000
Basic Machine Specifications
Punching capacity
441 kN 45 Metric Tons 50 US Tons
Maximum sheet thickness
10 mm
Maximum sheet size without repositioning (Y x X)
1525 mm x 1830 mm
No. of Turret Stations
22, 18
Hit rate(Punching: 25 mm [0.984″] pitch )
200 HPM
Nibbling: 1 mm [0.039″] pitch
450 HPM
Punching accuracy
+/- 0.1mm

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