Laser Punch Combination Machine -M2558HL

Laser Punch Combination Machine -M2558HL

Laser Punch Combination Machine -M2558HL

MURATEC’s HL SERIES for Integration of Laser Cutting with Punching, Forming and Tapping

Ever since the first NC punch press was introduced in 1970, MURATEC has been a continuous innovator in sheet metal processing. MURATEC developed the first punch-laser combination press in 1984 and since then MURATEC strived continually to offer high quality, high speed performance HL series machines with user-friendly technology. The HL series machines use advanced technology, high performance CNC control and the laser oscillator.

HL series Benefits

  • Process integration of laser cutting and punching with forming and tapping (option) is possible in one machine.
  • Increased productivity
  • Better product quality due to multiple processing with a single workpiece clamping
  • Greater manufacturing flexibility
  • Shorter lead times and lower running cost

Reduced Number of Machines and In-Process Inventory

Basic Machine Specifications
Punching capacity
250 kN 25.5 Metric Tons
Maximum sheet thickness
Maximum sheet size without repositioning (Y x X)
1525 mm × 2500 mm
Laser Capacity
2000W / 4000W

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