SL 1250 -Swing Loader

SL 1250 -Swing Loader

SL 1250 -Swing Loader

Automatic Loading / Automatic Unloading Mode

Automatic Loading / Automatic Unloading ModeThis mode is best for continuous operation of work pieces that have longer processing times per sheet

Automatic Loading / Manual Unloading Mode

Automatic Loading / Manual Unloading ModeThis system includes a standard mode for automatically loading material and manual unloading of the finished part by the operator. This mode is best for work pieces that are needed immediately for a post process, are not easily unloaded using vacuum ads, or are subject to damage if formed features are stacked on each other.

Sheet size(Y x X)
Max.: 1250 mm x 2500 mm and Min. 300mm x 750 mm
Stack weight
3 tons (total load of materials and products on each pallet)
Automatic loading / Automatic unloading mode
(Material station and product station, one pallet each)
Automatic loading / Manual unloading mode
2 material pallet stations)

Applicable machine model: M2048TS, M2048TE

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