MOTORUM Series -M2048TE

CNC Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press

MOTORUM Series -M2048TE

Servo Drive Pioneer Motorum has evolved to a new utilities

Muratec introduced world’s first servo driven punch press in 1994. Since then we our industry leading technology has evolved to meet the next generations needs. Here is the latest in our award winning Motorum series!

New Drive Ram Mechanism

Punch-in, Pull-Out Type Wiedemann ToolingThe ram drive of M2048TE has incorporated CFRP in the part of toggle mechanism connected directly to the servomotor making it lighter in weight and more rigid. The new drive mechanism and the replacement of the alternating movement decrease vibration by 65%. In addition, a reduction of motor heat saves energy in cooling and the resuscitation of electric energy when braking.

Riqid Press Frame

Simple New Drive Ram MechanismImproved stability in the punching process using 12.5% thicker material for the press side frames and improved stiffness of base component.

Energy Conservation & Low Running Cost

Punch-in, Pull-Out Type Wiedemann ToolingAn environment-friendly eco-machine, Motorum uses the energy it needs only at the time of punching, thanks to the servo motor drive mechanism.

Steel Ball and Brush Combination Table

Simple New Drive Ram MechanismSteel balls are effective for supporting thick work sheets, and brushes are located to keep work sheets flat. This combination table is suitable for thin and thick work sheets.

Crash Sensor

Punch-in, Pull-Out Type Wiedemann ToolingPrevent major damage to the machine. Crash sensors stop the machine when material curves upward toward the turret preventing a collision.

Deburring Operation

Simple New Drive Ram MechanismDeburring and pinching operation using the ball bearing manufactured originally by Muratec. Two bearings from top and bottom sides removes the burr of the edge both sides, upper and lower, of the punched parts simultaneously by pinching the edge of the punched sheet along with the path.

Basic Machine Specifications
Punching capacity
200 kN 20.4 Metric Tons 22.4 US
Maximum sheet thickness
6.35 mm
Maximum sheet size without repositioning (Y x X)
1250 x 2500 mm
No. of Turret Stations
32, 28
Hit rate( 1.0t,25 mm pitch,8.3mm stroke )
285 hpm
Hit rate( 1.0t,0.5 mm pitch,1.4 mm stroke )
900 hpm
Punching accuracy
+/- 0.1 mm

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